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Lake Eyre Basin Analogues Research Group


Project Leader

Kathryn Amos leads the Lake Eyre Basin Analogues Research Group Consortium and is a lecturer in the Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide. She joined the University of Adelaide in 2007, after holding positions as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of New South Wales @ADFA (Canberra, Australia) and the University of Leeds (UK). Kathryn obtained her PhD from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) in 2004. Kathryn's background is in process-based clastic sedimentology, with experise in dryland fluvial sedimentology and geomorphology, and turbidity current sedimentology.

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Affiliated Researchers

Simon Lang initiated the LEBARG project, and lead Phases I and II. Simon is currently at Woodside, Perth.

Tobias Payenberg was LEBARG project leader from 2006-2007 and is currently at Chevron, Perth.

Carmen Krapf was a LEBARG Postdoctoral Researcher from 2005-2007, and LEBARG project leader from 2007-2008. Carmen is currently at the Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroluem, Perth.

Steve Hasiotis is Associate Professor of Geology, The Paleontological Institute, The University of Kansas. Steve is a long-standing LEBARG collaborator, bringing his expertise in ichnology to the group. Steve has research interests in ancient and modern organism-substratum interactions and their application to interpreting plaleoenvironments, palaeohydrology, palaeoecology and palaeoclimate.

Bruce Ainsworth is leader of the Reservoir Analogues Research Group. He has 20 years industry and research experience and specialises in marginal marine sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, 3D reservoir modelling, reservoir compartmentalization prediction and high resolution seismic stratigraphy. Bruce is also the discipline leader for the reservoir and seals characterization team in the CO2CRC (CO2 geosequestration) and focal point for the WAVE Consortium, ASP.

Colin North is project leader of the Aberdeen University Dryland Rivers Initiative (AUDRI). Colin has participated in LEBARG field workshops and collaboration between AUDRI and LEBARG researchers is planned

John Fisher is currently with BG Group. John worked closesly with LEBARG during Phase II, whilst conducting research towards his PhD with the Ebro Basin Group at Royal Holloway, UK.

John Holbrook has research interests in fluvial geomorphology and neotectonics, and is a Professor at the University of Texas, USA. John has conducted fieldwork with LEBARG and has contributed to field workshops for industry sponsors.

Ric Daniel is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian School of Petroleum, with research interests in characterisation of seal rocks.

Saju Menacherry completed his PhD with LEBARG in 2008, and is now working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Australian School of Petroleum for the CO2CRC. Saju's PhD topic was “Source to Sink” Sedimentology and Petrology of a Dryland Fluvial System, and Implications for Reservoir Quality, Lake Eyre Basin, Central Australia. This study reflects an understanding of basin evolution, sediment dispersal patterns during climate change and interaction of fluvio-aeolian processes, spatial distribution of sediment mineralogy and its sedimentation in semi-arid dryland system, and implications for early diagenesis and their relationship to reservoir quality.
Rachel Nanson is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australian School of Petroleum, with research experience including fluvial geomorphology and landscape management. Rachel has assisted LEBARG with recent fieldwork to the Channel Country of central Australia


Marianne Sandstrom is undertaking a PhD project entitled: Distinguishing mud-rich facies in dryland depositional environments, under the supervision of Kathryn Amos, Ric Daniel and Carmen Krapf.

Marianne graduated from the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) in December 2005 with a First Class Bachelor of Science Honours (Petroleum Geology and Geophysics). Her Honours thesis was awarded the AUSIMM/Santos Prize for best thesis and she received the Origin Energy/Ted Moorcroft Memorial Prize for best overall performance. Marianne has three years collective field experience in the petroleum industry, as a Wireline/Technical Sales Assistant with SGS Expertest (Barrow Island) and as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger Oilfield Services Australia (Moomba). Marianne's research interests are focussed around the investigation of modern analogues for use in the development of petroleum exploration models, with particular interest in provenance, facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy and the role of micropalaeontology/biostratigraphy. Marianne joined the PhD program at the ASP in January 2007.

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