ASP Geoscience Curriculum Lecturers

ASP Staff

Dr John Kaldi

CV Preparation and Interview Skills
Carbonate Deposition and Diagenesis
Development Geology
Reservoirs and Seals

Sample Analysis

Prof Richard Hillis

Drilling Operations
Petroleum Geomechanics

Presentation Skills
Regional Geophysics
Wireline Logging

Prof Peter Behrenbruch

Reservoir Engineering

Assoc Prof Simon Lang

Amadeus Basin Field Trip

Concepts of Sequence Stratigraphy
Core Description
Reservoir Scale Sequence Stratigraphy
Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy  
Siliciclastic Depositional Systems

Subsurface Mapping

Mr Andy Mitchell

Advanced Seismic Interpretation

Seismic Acquisition & Processing

Seismic Interpretation
Seismic Processing
Signal Analysis

Subsurface Mapping

Dr Tobi Payenberg

Amadeus Basin Field Trip
Core Description

Facies & Sequence Stratigraphy Exercises

Rheology of the Lithosphere & Basin Analysis

Dr Peter Tingate

Amadeus Basin Field Trip

Exploration & Production Operations Field Trip

Reservoir Game

Sandstone Petrology & Diagenesis

Thermal Maturation & Basin Modelling

Dr Geoff O'Brien

Australasian Basins

Reservoirs and Seals

Dr Ric Daniel

Exploration & Production Operations Field Trip


Academic Staff from other Departments/Institutions

Assoc Prof David McKirdy

(Geology & Geophysics, University of Adelaide)
Organic Geochemistry

Dr Kevin Hill 

(School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne)
Structural Styles in Petroleum Geology

Industry Personnel

Mr Doug Roberts (Consultant)

Seismic Acquisition

Dr Rhodri Johns (Santos Ltd)

Exploration Management

Mr Geoff Wood (Santos Ltd)

Concepts & Applications of Biostratigraphy

Mr Gerry Carne (Santos Ltd)

Reserve Estimation