Basic Principles of Petroleum Exploration

For Non-technical Staff


Instructors: Prof John Kaldi and/or Mr. Andy Mitchell



Who should attend: Technical and non-technical personnel who have limited geological training, but would like to become more familiar with petroleum exploration concepts and procedures. This course is particularly suitable for administrative personnel, clerical officers, legal, accounting and IT staff who would benefit from a short but informative review of the geotechnical aspects of the petroelum industry.

Course objectives: The course is designed for those associated with, or interested in the petroleum exploration and production side of the business, who want an understanding of geology and exploration, but who have little or no technical training in the field. The course provides a summary of important geological concepts and processes, and covers the main techniques used by geologists and geophysicists in the search for, and development of, oil and gas fields. The course also introduces the principle tools used in the understanding of the subsurface, including seismic methods and wireline logs.

Course content:


Basic geology
Petroleum Systems
Searching for the `Prize'
Summary and Conclusions