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Last updated on October 2002
Academic Positions in Geology: Worldwide Register (ANU, Australia)

America's Job Bank (U.S.)

Amoco Employment Opportunities (U.S)

GeoWeb GIS/GPS/RS Marketplace (U.S.)

Info Mine/Mining Jobs (U.S.)

JobHunt: Online Job Search Resources & Services (U.S.)

Jobs in Natural Resources (U.S.)

NATURE: International Science Jobs (U.S.)

NCS Career Magazine (U.S.)

Oil Online: Career Opportunities (U.S.)

Oilweb: Oil & Gas Commerce Center (U.S.) - look around

Stanford's Geoscience Job Board (U.S.)

Ted Smith's GEOSCI-JOBS archive (U.S.)

The Directory (Australian Academic Recruitment Advertising)

University of Texas: Jobs and Job Links (Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering)

Yahoo: Mining and Mineral Exploration (U.S.)