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On September 6th, 1994, the world's first petroleum Internet communication system was established. The computer network, which is called 'Sci.Geo.Petroleum', is publicly accessible at no charge and has global distribution. The system represents a public bulletin board where professional staff can read and respond to articles, and was created for the more efficient dissemination of publicly available petroleum data.

The National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (NCPGG), Adelaide, proudly provides the WWW information site for Sci.Geo.Petroleum that was established as an outstanding example of international team work and cooperation. Together with a team of oil and service company volunteers and academic researchers, the NCPGG initiated the development of the computer network through one of its postdoctoral fellows. On behalf of the International Facilitators' Team, the NCPGG warmly thanks the many individuals and organisations that are assisting in the development of the communication system.

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