How Sci.Geo.Petroleum was established

The state-of-the-art communication system was created with the cooperation of petroleum staff, university researchers, data and computer specialists worldwide on September 6th, 1994.

Formal project launch was on April 29th, 1994, following establishment of a small coordination team comprising volunteers at Arco (Alaska), Arco (Texas), BHP Petroleum Americas (Houston), BHP Petroleum (Melbourne), BP (Houston), the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (NCPGG), Oryx Energy Company (Dallas), Scandpower A/S (Oslo) and the University of Edinburgh.

Important new volunteer facilitators soon emerged at Baker Hughes INTEQ (Houston), Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg), CSIRO Division of Petroleum Resources (Melbourne), Intera (UK), Petrocorp (New Zealand), Santos Ltd (Adelaide), Schlumberger (Austin), Syncrude Canada Ltd (Alberta), the University of New South Wales (Department of Applied Geology) and Victoria University of Wellingto n (Research School of Earth Science and Department of Geology).

A public vote was initiated in accordance with Usenet regulations on August 1st, 1994. The public vote was required to maximise global access to the network. The voting phase lasted for 22 days (standard). There were 1284 YES votes (98%) and 18 NO votes (1.4%), for a total of 1302 valid votes. There were 4 abstains and 4 invalid ballots.

Oil Companies:

Amoco (Houston), Amoco - Northwest US Business Unit (Denver), Amoco Production Company - Tulsa Research Centre, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., ARCO (Anchorage), ARCO (Plano, Texas), BHP Petroleum Americas (Houston), BHP Petroleum (Melbourne), BP (Aberdeen), BP (Anchorage), BP (Bogota), BP (Caracas), BP (Cleveland), BP (Houston), BP (London), BP (Stavanger), BP (Sunbury), Chevron (Calif.), Exxon (Housto n), Exxon Research (New Jersey), Fletcher Challenge Corp. (NZ), Idemitsu (Tokyo), J.M. Huber Corp. (Houston), Maxus Energy Corp. (Dallas), McDermott Inc (New Orleans), Mobil (Dallas), Norsk Hydro (Bergen), Norsk Hydro (Oslo), Oryx Energy Company (Dallas), Oryx Kazakhstan Energy, Oryx Energy (UK), Pancanadian Petroleum Ltd (Calgary), Petrocorp Ltd (NZ), Petronas (Malaysia), Phillips Petroleum (Norw ay), Phillips Petroleum (UK), Saga Petroleum (Norway), Santos Ltd. (Adelaide), Shell (London), Statoil (Norway), Syncrude Canada Ltd (Alberta), Texaco (Bellaire), Unocal (Calif.), Union Pacific Resources Co., West Australian Petroleum Pty. Ltd. (Perth), Western Mining Corporation (Perth), Woodside Offshore Petroleum (Perth).

Service Companies:

Baker Hughes INTEQ, Drilling Resource Development Corp. (Tulsa), Geko/Prakla (UK), Geomath International (France), Geomatic A/S (Norway), Geoquest (Corte Madera, Calif.), Geoquest (Houston), Geoquest (Jakarta), Geoscience, Geosignal Inc., Geoteam (Norway), Green Mountain Geophysics (Boulder), Halliburton Company (Arlington), Hamilton Exploration (Virginia), Integrated Geochemical Interpretation L td. (UK), Intera (UK), Landmark Graphics (Houston), Mincom (Brisbane), Odin Reservoir Software and Service (Norway), Oilsystems ( Calif.), Petrotechnical Open Software Corp. (Houston), Scandpower A/S (Oslo), Schlumberger (Austin), Schlumberger (Brussels), Schlumberger (Cambridge), Schlumberger Geo-Prakla (Gatwick), Schlumberger (Hannover), Schlumberger (Houston), Schlumberger (Jakarta), Schlumberger (Perth), Schlumberger-Doll Research (Ridgefield, USA), Simon Petroleum Technology (UK), SSI (Denver), Sysdrill, Western Atlas International (Houston), Western Atlas International (Seattle), Western Atlas Software (Houston), Westerra, Workstation Integrations.

Government Departments:

Alberta Research Council (Canada), Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO), Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory (Washington), Bureau of Resource Science - Petroleum Resources Branch (Australia), California Academy of Sciences, CSIRO - Division of Petroleum Resources (Melbourne and Sydney offices), David Taylor Research Centre (Maryland), Department of Health and Human Services (Maryland ), Geological Survey of Canada, Institute for Petroleum Research and Geophysics (Israel), Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories (Berkeley), Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico), NASA - Johnson Space Centre (Houston), Naval Oceans Systems Centre (San Diego), Nebraska Geological Survey, Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy (Darwin), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee), US Bureau o f Reclamation (Denver), US Geological Survey, Victorian Department of Mines and Energy (Australia).

Academic and Petroleum Research Organisations:

Akita University (Japan), Australian Petroleum Cooperative Research Centre (APCRC), Brock Univ., California Institute of Technology, Carleton Univ., Carnegie Institute of Washington, Case Western Reserve Univ. (Ohio), Centre for Petroleum Engineering (CPE), Chalmers University of Technology, City University London, Coal Research Assoc. of New Zealand, Colorado School of Mines, Columbia University, Cornell Univ., Crown Research Institute (NZ), Curtin Univ., Dalhous ie Univ., Flinders Univ., Florida Atlantic Univ., Forschungszentrum Juelich (Germany), Free Univ. Berlin, George Washington University, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Heriot-Watt Univ., Houston State Univ., IFE (Norway), IKU Petroleum Research (Norway), Imperial College of Science & Technology (London), Indian Institute of Science, Institut de Physique du Globe De Paris, Institute for Energy Technolog y (Norway), Institute of Technology (Zurich), Iowa State Univ., Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, K.U. Leuven (Belgium), Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory (NY), Lehigh Univ., Louisiana State Univ., Lorand Univ. Sciences (Budapest), Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Mississippi State Univ., Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology, Murdoch University, National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (NCPGG, Adelaide), Natural Environmental Research Council (Keyworth), Natural Environmental Research Council (Murchison), New Mexico Institute of Technology, NIPER (Bartlesville), NORSAR (Norway), North Arizona Univ., North Dakota State Univ., Norwegian Technical College, Pennsylvania State University, Rice University, Stanford Univ., State Univ. of New York, Texas A&M, Texas Education Agency, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), U of Aberdeen, U of Adelaide, U of Alaska, U of Alberta, U of Arizona, U of Bergen, U of Bern, U of Bonn, U of Bremen, U of Britis h Columbia, U of California (Berkeley), U of Calgary, U of Cincinatti, U of Copenhagen, U of Denver, U of Durham, U of Edinburgh, U of Georgia, U of Glasgow, U of Hawaii, U of Houston, U of Manchester, U of Melbourne, U of Missouri, U of New Brunswick, U of Newcastle, U of New England, U of Newfoundland, U of New South Wales (Sydney), U of New York, U of Oklahoma, U of Oslo, U of Paris, U of Saska tchewan, U of South Australia, U of South Carolina, U of Southern California, U of Strasbourg, U of Strathclyde, U of Tennessee, U of Texas, U of Toledo, U of Trondheim, U of Tulsa, U of Utah, U of Waterloo, U of Western Australia, U of Windsor, U of Wisconsin, Utrecht Univ., Victoria Univ. of Wellington, Western Kentucky Univ., Western Washington Univ., Wichita State Univ., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Mass.), Wright State Univ.

Other Organisations:

Advanced Computer Research Institute (Lyon), Apple Computers, Bangkok Security Associates, Calgary Unix Users' Group Assoc., Cica (Sevilla, Spain), Communication Satellite Corp. (Maryland), Cray Research (France), Cray Research (Minnesota), Cygnus Support (Palo Alto), Dataviz Computacion (Caracas), Digital Equipment Corp. (Bergen), Digital Equipment Corp. (Cambridge), Dupont Corp. (Delaware), Dynamic Graphics (California), Eurocommunications (Brussels), Everest Tech nologies (Houston), Hewlett-Packard (Cupertino), IBM (Tampa), Ingenieros Industriales e Ingenieros Informaticos (Spain), Intergraph Corp. (Huntsville), Knowledge Quest Online Research (Mass.), Mindcraft Inc (Palo Alto), Mountains West (California), Noranda Inc (Toronto), Norwegian Computer Centre (Oslo), Norwegian Telecom, Novatel Communications Ltd (Calgary), Performance Systems International (Troy), Precise Software Technologies (Ontario), Portland Group (Oregon), Research and Information Network - Pacific Systems Group (Oregon), Schweitzerische Kreditanstalt (Switzerland), Silicon Graphics, Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf Coast Section (Houston), Software Tool and Die (Massachusetts), Telecom (Australia), Thinking Machines Corp. (France), TNO (Delft), Quantum Computer Services (Virginia), unidentifiables.

(Please note: some private individuals acted through the facilities of their organisations, including those organisations which lack direct ties with the petroleum industry.)

Formal Campaign Support:

The campaign was launched with the organisational support of the NCPGG and subsequently the Centre for Petroleum Engineering (CPE, Sydney), Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) and the University of New South Wales, Department of Applied Geology (Sydney).

Special Thanks To:

Chief Campaign Facilitators:

On behalf of the team, we express our warmest appreciation to the many individuals without whose assistance the petroleum communication system could not have been established. Thank you for your excellent support, and we look forward to your contributions on the computer network.