Helpful Tips for Sci.Geo.Petroleum Beginners

Welcome to Sci.Geo.Petroleum! The computer network is a great resource that can help you solve technical problems in an efficient manner. Through the network, you can communicate with a diverse pool of oil and gas professionals, including many of the world's leading petroleum experts. Organisations can make use of the system to efficiently disseminate the latest oil and gas news.

The benefits of Sci.Geo.Petroleum as a professional tool are dependent on the cooperation of a large number of individuals and organisations. Since the network is unmoderated, some general rules and regulations, and standards of conduct must be adhered to for everyone's benefit.

The following guidelines are intended to assist first-time users to become familiar with the 'network etiquette' or just 'netiquette' for short. Most of the rules are simple common sense.


Access to Sci.Geo.Petroleum is available here. The computer network can also be contacted via e-mail across standard firewall arrangements. Send your contributions or questions to '', however in this case please remember to specify that all replies be sent to your e-mail address (rather than just posted to sci.geo.petroleum). When asking a question, consider offering to post a summary. Important: Please avoid using the e-mail gateway if you have alternative means of accessing Sci.Geo.Petroleum in order to minimise strain on the public gateway. Additional e-mail gateways exist but are generally not well advertised.

In your message, please do not forget to include:

Also, please limit your text to no more than 72 characters per line. Most editors have a fill or format mode that will accomplish this task for you automatically. However, make sure that it actually puts ('hard') newline characters at the end of each line, rather than just wrapping the displayed lines on your screen.




(Modified in part from John Norstad, Northwestern University)


Another good starting point to familiarise yourself with the Internet is the newsgroup news.announce.newusers in which many helpful tips are listed in the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) files that appear on a monthly basis.

On behalf of the Sci.Geo.Petroleum community, thank you for adhering to the above broad guidelines, and we look forward to your contributions!

With kind regards,

The International Facilitators' Team