The NCPGG is located at the The University of Adelaide. As the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is the centre of the economic, cultural, political and social life of the State. Founded in 1836, it is an attractive well-planned city of wide streets, squares, parklands and a mixture of old and modern buildings.

Almost one million people live within the metropolitan area, making Adelaide the perfect size - small enough to be friendly and welcoming, yet large enough to provide plenty of attractions and entertainment. Distances in the city are not great, transport is convenient and cheap, and Adelaide is friendly and relatively safe as large cities go. Adelaide is a multicultural city and its population is made up of a diverse range of ethnic communities from all over the world. Many of these communities proudly maintain links with their heritage. This means that people from other countries will find it easy to buy familiar foods, find places of worship and have access to cultural support networks in Adelaide.

A location map to the NCPGG and the Adelaide University campus is available below: