Cumulative Listing of NCPGG Student Theses

Note: Completed theses are available from the NCPGG library. However, some later theses may still be under confidentiality agreements. Abbreviations:

UA-------------------University of Adelaide

SAIT------------------South Australian Institute of Technology

USA------------------ University of South Australia

FUSA------------------Flinders University of South Australia

UNSW-----------------University of New South Wales

UTS-------------------University of Technology, Sydney


AHSAN, A. 1996 - Petrology and facies analysis of the Upper Sand, Hyland Bay Formation, the Petrel Gas Field, Bonaparte Gulf, northern Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

ANDERSON, B.W. 1989 - Characterisation of the Cretaceous and Early Tertiary sandstone reservoirs of the Duntroon Basin, offshore South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

ARNDT, L.B. 1986 - A geoseismic interpretation of the Early Permian Epsilon Formation truncation at the Daralingie Unconformity in the Kidman Complex, Cooper Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

AULD, K.A. 1994 - Thermal maturation and fluid movement modelling based on regional seismic, Barrow Sub-basin, Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

AUSTIN, R. 1992 - Source potential of the Early Cretaceous Laira Formation, western Otway Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BAINES, C. 1997 - Tectonic modelling, East Coast Basin, New Zealand. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

BAKER, D.L. 1997 - Sedimentary modelling (SEDSIM) of the M. australis sediments on the southern Enderby Terrace - Lewis Trough area, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

BALDASSO, F. 1993 - Palaeotectonic reconstruction and evolution of petroleum systems at the Copernicus Basin Margin, northeastern Browse Basin, Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BARNES, C.R. 1994 - A seismic-based structural interpretation of the Petrel Sub-basin, Bonaparte Gulf, northern Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BEAUMONT-SMITH, N.H. 1994 - Definition of the Top Crayfish Group Unconformity, western Otway Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BEKKERS, P. 1996 - Geohistory, thermal maturation and migration in the Barrow Sub-basin, Western Australia, with emphasis on Gazettal Blocks W96-17 and W96-18. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BELFORD, A.D.M. 1989 - A seismic sequence stratigraphic study of the "Weaber Group Sub-basin" in Permits WA-128-P and WA-211-P, Bonaparte Gulf. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BEST, H. 1999 - Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and reservoir potential of the Warrinilla Field, Bowen Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BLANK, J. 1999 - Late Oecene - Early Oligocene sequence stratigraphy of the nearshore - transition zone Latrobe Group, Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Basin. (BAppSc(Hons), UA)

BON, N. 1999 - Reservoir and production properties of the Toolachee and Patchawarra Formations, Cooper Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BOUCHER, R.K. 1991 - The tectonic framework of the Murteree Ridge, Warburton Basin: structural implications for the Cooper and Eromanga Basins. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

BRACIC, A. 1992 - Exploration, exploitation and economics of the possible petroleum provinces discovered in the Carnarvon Basin since 1988. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BRIGG, S.J. 1995 - An assessment of some methods for correcting distortions in seismic data over near surface reefs. A case study of the Krill Reef, ZOCA 91-01, Timor Sea. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BRINCAT, M.P. 1992 - Seismic interpretation of structure and stratigraphy, Permit T-15-P, Durroon Sub-basin, off-shore northeastern Tasmania. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BROWN, R. 1998 - The origin and distribution of siderite layers within the Wandoo Field, Dampier Sub-basin, Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BROWNE, M.V. 1987 - A sedimentary and structural evaluation of the Fly Lake-Brolga Field, Cooper Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

BURGESS, J.M. 1993 - Sedimentology and diagenesis of potential Permian reservoir sandstones, north Perth Basin, Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CARBONE, M. 1993 - Permeability controls within the Tirrawarra Sandstone, Gidgealpa Field, South Dome. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

CARTER, S.R. 1991 - A comparison of structural styles east and west of Cape Otway. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CATHRO, D.L. 1989 - Sedimentology of halite evaporites from the Paleozoic Carribuddy Formation, Canning Basin, Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CEGLAR, N. 1999 - Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous sequence stratigraphy, Northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CHAPMAN, T.R. 1998 - Seismic tectono-stratigraphic study of the Pleistocene in the Sunrise/Troubadour Area in relation to development of future infrastructure. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CHATFIELD, K.A. 1992 - The relationship between volcanics, associated intrusives and carbon dioxide within the Otway Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CHEDID, R. 1988 - Study of Bennett Field. (Grad Dip, SAIT)

CHRISTIAN, L.R. 1994 - A review of the micropalaeontology of the Seaspray Group, Gippsland Basin, Victoria. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CHRISTIANSEN, D.J. 1992 - The hydrocarbon potential of a western portion of the Lambert Shelf, Dampier Sub-basin, Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CLARK, V.S. 1990 - A structural interpretation of the Goodwyn South/Tidepole area, Rankin Platform, North West Shelf, Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

COOPER, A.McG. 1991 - Late Proterozoic hydrocarbon potential and its association with diapirism in Blinman #2, central Flinders Ranges, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CORRIE, G.D. 1992 - Evolution and petroleum prospectivity of the Eyre Sub-basin, offshore Western Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

COX, A.F. 1989 - A seismic and petrophysical study of the Pelican Field, Bass Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CRABB, I. P. A. 2001 - A petrophysical investigation of low resistivity hydrocarbon zones in the Moran Field, Papua New Guinea. (BSc(Hons), UA) - confidential till 12/11/03

CRIMES, A.C. 1995 - Modelling of thin bed sands in fluvial-deltaic environments of the southern Cooper Basin, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CRUTCHFIELD, S.C. 1991 - Geological and geophysical evaluation of the Malmsey Prospect, North West Shelf, Western Australia, WA-28-P. (BSc(Hons), UA)

CUBITT, C.J. 1992 - Diagenetic controls and reservoir evaluation of the Eastern View Group, Bass Basin, Tasmania, Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

DAMTE, S. 2002 - Analysis of the Sealing Capacity of the Flaxmans Formation and the Belfast Mudstone in the Vicinity of the Shipwreck Trough, Otway Basin, Victoria. (BSc(Hons), UA) confidential

DAVIES, K.L. 1995 - Reservoir, thief and seal potential of Aptian Radiolarite in the Timor Sea. (BappSc(Hons), UTS)

DIGHT, M.M. 1996 - Seismic inversion for porosity in the Showgrounds Sandstone. (BSc(Hons), UA)

DOLENSKY, I. 1996 - Rock properties of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea. (BSc(Hons), UA)

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ENZMANN, F. 1990 - Prospectivity assessment, Northern Platform Area, VIC/P19, Gippsland Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

EYRE, B.D. 1989 - Depositional environment and diagenetic controls on porosity and permeability of Early Cambrian basal siliciclastics in the Georgina Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

FAULKNER, T. 2000 - Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous Sherbrook Group, Shipwreck Trough, Otway Basin. (BAppSc(Hons), UA)

FILIPI, I. 2001 - Thermal history and reservoir property correlations with hydrocarbon type, North West Shelf, Australia. (BSc(Hons), UA)

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GAUGHAN, C.J. 1989 - Early Cambrian Relief Sandstone, Officer Basin, South Australia: subdivision, diagenesis and porosity-permeability distribution. (BSc(Hons), UA)

GIULIANO, M.F. 1988 - The geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Pedirka Basin. (BSc(Hons), UA)

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IVANOV, E. 2002 - A Feasibility Study of Three Term AVO. (BSc(Hons), UA)

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