Australian Hydrocarbons: from source to trap

Program Manager: Dr Roger Summons (AGSO)
NCPGG Coordinator: Dr Peter Tingate

Ranking likelihood of finding oil in a trap by predictive mapping of oil migration pathways from source to trap, through time and space.

Aims and Benefits of the Program:


Project: Application of Illite K-Ar Ages to constrain thermal histories and oil migration
Project Leader: Horst Zwingmann (CSIRO)
Staff: Dr Horst Zwingmann, Dr Peter Tingate, Dr Nick Lemon, Chris Cubitt (PhD student)

The team are currently working on directly dating illite so that the evolution of reservoir quality and timing of hydrocarbon charge can be constrained. Samples from the Cooper Basin have been analysed and are currently being interpreted. Thermal modelling and detailed clay XRD investigations were carried out at the NCPGG. The illite dates obtained provide a record of the age of the detrital illitic material, the timing of alteration of the volcanic clasts and timing of illite neoformation. Chris Cubitt and Alex Kaiko presented a paper at the Sprigg Symposium.