Structural Controls on Sedimentation

Program Manager: Dr Nick Lemon

The response of sedimentation to tectonic movement has been a topic of study at the NCPGG since its inception. The Flinders Ranges in South Australia provide an area of excellent outcrop where detailed mapping can be done to build and test models of the interaction between sedimentation and tectonics. In particular, synsedimentary diapirs in the Flinders Ranges display many features only suspected in oilfield examples.

The lessons leant from outcrop studies and from literature have been applied to studies of several Australian basins with known hydrocarbon potential. Structural analysis of the Bass Basin will allow prediction of the position of viable source rocks. Understanding of the tectonics of the Bowen-Surat Basin has allowed a better model of the sequence architecture in a continental succession to be established.

PhD Project: Extensional subsidence, inversion and volumetric contraction in the Bass Basin of Australia: A seismic study.
PhD student: PK Das (commenced 1997)
Supervisor: Dr Nick Lemon
Funding support: Mineral Resources, Tasmania & AGSO
Scholarship support: OPRS and The University of Adelaide

PhD Project: Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early Triassic Rewan Group, Bowen Basin
PhD student: Paul Grech (commenced 1994)
Supervisor: Dr Nick Lemon, Dr Neville Alley (PIRSA)
Project support: Industry
Scholarship support: The University of Adelaide

PhD project: The Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of Tertiary Passive Margins: An Example from the Barrow - Exmouth Sub-basin, W.A.
PhD student: Hamish Young (commenced 1996)
Supervisors: Dr Nick Lemon, Assoc Prof Jim Jago (Uni of SA)
Project support: Mobil Exploration & Producing Australia Pty Ltd
Scholarship support: The University of South Australia & NCPGG