This state-of-the-art facility has been established by Schlumberger Oilfield Australia Pty Ltd and the National Centre for Petroleum Geology Geophysics (NCPGG) at Adelaide University

The training facility consists of a network of Sun Microsystem's high-performance unix workstations, and a complete suite of Schlumberger's state-of- the-art Geoquest exploration and production software for the oil and gas industry. These technologies improve the understanding of the methodologies of exploring and producing oil and gas and reduce risks associated with identifying and drilling prospects.

The commercial value of the software alone totals more than $9 million, and would normally cost $1.8 million per year in maintenance. Schlumberger has provided both the hardware and the software, and funds the running costs of the centre.

By providing a venue for training courses for oil and gas companies, service companies, academics and students, the centre is serving as an industry focal point, attracting companies and consultants to South Australia. The facility also attracts graduates to study in South Australia, with interstate and overseas students, researchers and projects coming to both the centre and Adelaide University.

The joint facility follows closely the announcement of the Santos donation to start a School of Petroleum Engineering, and further strengthens the collaborative links between Adelaide University and and the petroleum industry.