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NB - This timetable is correct as of March 13, 2002 but rescheduling may occur. Visitors are advised to confirm this timetable closer to the date of the presentation.

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Wednesday, February 6, 1:00pm

Miss Gillian E. Adshade - Ph.D. Candidate, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide

Sealing Properties of Cretaceous Regional and Intraformational Seals of the Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia, with Applications to Risk Assessment


Tuesday, February 12, 1:00pm

Professor Simon Lang - Associate Professor, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, NCPGG, Adelaide University

Analogues for fluvial reservoirs from the West Siberian peat mires


Wednesday, February 27, 1:00pm

Dr Benjamin Rostron - Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

Fingerprinting formation waters using stable isotopes: applications to petroleum exploration and production


Thursday, March 7, 12:15pm

Mr. Ian Russell - Regional Skill Area Coordinator for ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Tectonic & Volcanic History of the Carnarvon Terrace


Tuesday, March 19, 1:00pm

Mr Aaron Cummings - Ph.D. Candidate, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide

2D Structural Restoration and Thermal Maturation Modelling of the Bass Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration


Tuesday, March 26, 1:00pm

Dr Scott Mildren - Research Fellow - Petroleum Geomechanics, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide

Fault Analysis Seal Technology: Recent Developments and Future Directions


Tuesday, April 2, 1:00pm

Mr Bill Fawcett - Petroleum Geologist

Drilling Fluids in the Petroleum Industry


Tuesday, April 9, 1:00pm

Dr Suzanne Hunt - Research Associate-NCPGG/ Lecturer-Santos School of Petroleum Engineering and Management, The University of Adelaide

A Fault Parameter Sensitivity Analysis - Using UDEC a Distinct Element Code


Tuesday, April 16, 1:00pm

Dr Robert K. Park - Senior Geologist - Kodeco Energy Co. Ltd.

The Transformation of Poleng Field, E. Java Sea


Tuesday, May 14, 1:00pm

Dr Jochen Kassan - Whistler Research P/L, Brisbane.

Moonie Oil Field - Revisited


Tuesday, May 21, 1:00pm

Mr Takeshi Nakanishi - PhD Candidate, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide.

An introduction to uncertainty and risk in petroleum exploration


Tuesday, May 28, 1:00pm

Mr Ric Daniel - Research Officer, Seals and MICP data, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide.

Adelaide University No.1 - What happened?


Tuesday, June 4, 1:00pm

Dr Graham Heinson - Lecturer in Exploration Geophysics, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, The University of Adelaide

Seafloor Electromagnetic Methods for Petroleum Exploration


Tuesday, June 11, 1:00pm

Professor Ian Hutcheon - Professor of Geochemistry, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary CRC LEME, Geoscience Australia

Sources and Sinks of CO2 in Petroleum Reservoirs - Potential for Geological Storage


Tuesday, June 18, 1:00pm

Mr Robert Root - PhD Candidate, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide

Integrating Sedimentology and Geostatistics for Better Reservoir Models


Tuesday, July 16, 1:00pm

Mr Jeremy Meyer - PhD Candidate, NCPGG, The University of Adelaide

Reducing risk in under-balanced drilling


Monday, July 29, 1:00pm

Dr Kerrie L Bann - Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Queensland

Using Ichnology For Facies Analysis And High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy