Monsday, July 29, 1:00pm

Dr Kerrie L Bann

Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Queensland

Using Ichnology For Facies Analysis And High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy  


Palaeoenvironmental and sequence stratigraphic interpretation from limited exploration data such as drillcore and wireline logs suffers from a lack of definitive diagnostic criteria. This is particularly so for coastal and shallow marine facies because physical sedimentary structures are commonly obliterated by bioturbation or are difficult to determine in core. Such facies frequently constitute attractive targets for exploration. Ichnology (the study of bioturbation and trace fossils) is a powerful additional tool in environmental diagnosis, and can therefore, assist in making exploration and reservoir management more effective. Bioturbation and individual trace fossil types are readily recognisable in core. Recurring and widespread associations (or assemblages) of trace fossils that are linked to and reflect palaeoenvironmental conditions such as bathymetry, salinity and substrate character are referred to as "ichnofacies". When ichnofacies analysis is used with caution, and carefully integrated with sedimentology, palaeontology and stratigraphic analysis, there is a potential for high-resolution reconstruction of depositional environments and relative sea level changes.

Biography of the Speaker

Ph. D: "Ichnology & Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early Permian Pebbley Beach and Snapper Point Formations in the Southern Sydney Basin", Wollongong Uni., 1998. Uni. of QLD Post Doctoral Fellowship 2000-2002. Research focus: Re-evaluation of the facies scheme of Permian, Eastern Australia, in collaboration with Dr Chris Fielding, focussing mainly on reservoirs in the Denison trough, QLD. Funded by UQ, SANTOS Ltd. and OCA/Origin Energy Ltd. Ichnology & sedimentology of modern analogues, in collaboration with Bo Henk (Ichnology Research Group, University of Alberta) & Dr Chris Fielding, also a major research interest. 2002: Ichnofacies Consultant.