Tuesday, May 14, 1:00pm

Dr Jochen Kassan

Whistler Research P/L, Brisbane.

Moonie Oil Field - Revisited  


Moonie Oil field was discovered in 1961 and represents the first commercial oil development in Australia. The field still ranks amongst the largest onshore oil fields in Australia, with 100 million barrels of oil in place, similar in size to Jackson Oil Field, Queensland. Despite its economic significance surprisingly few geological and reservoir studies were conducted in the 37 years of production history. Santos is owner (100%) and operator of the field and commissioned a comprehensive review of all available geological and geophysical data, with the aim of developing a 3D reservoir model suitable to identify by-passed oil. Some 2500 feet of core exist from the field, which provided one of the mainstays of the study. Construction of a 3D reservoir model for Moonie Oil Field provides a good example of the strategies and pitfalls common in dealing with data from mature oil and gas fields onshore Australia. At Moonie substantial potential was identified in the 56-4 reservoir and this is the target of the current development program including the acquisition of 3D seismic.

Biography of the Speaker

Jochen Kassan is an independent consultant in sedimentology and reservoir modelling working out of Brisbane, with some 15 years experience in geological consulting and research. He obtained an MSc in petroleum geology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (1987) after completing undergraduate studies in geology and mineralogy at the University of Kiel, Germany. He was awarded his PhD on the Triassic of the Bowen Basin in 1993 by the University of Queensland.