Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre
Thebarton Campus, The University of Adelaide

June 21st
Dr. Sukru APAK (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Subsurface Stratigraphy And Sedimentological Controls On The Petroleum-Bearing Middle Devonian Richfield Member Of The Lucas Formation, Michigan Basin.

June 28th
Mr. Paul GRECH (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
The Sealing Potential Of The Belfast Mudstone, Otway Basin.

July 5th
Mr. Chris CUBITT (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Merrimelia Formation, Cooper Basin: Economic Basement?

July 12th
Mr. Tony HAYBALL (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Sedimentology Of The Mardie Greensand And Birdrong Sandstone, Barrow Sub-Basin.

July 19th
Ms. Xiaowen SUN (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Of The Warburton Basin, South Australia.

July 26th
Mr. John JONG (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
The Petroleum Geochemistry Of The Mungaroo Formation, Barrow Sub-basin.

Aug. 2nd
Dr. Peter TINGATE (Research Officer, NCPGG)
Thermal And Fluid History Analysis Of The Cooper-Eromanga Basins.

Aug. 9th
Dr. Jorg SCHULZ-ROJAHN (ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NCPGG)
Origin Of Carbon Dioxide In Sedimentary Basins: A Critical Appraisal Of Study Methodology And Potential Implications For Deep Basin Petroleum Plays.

Aug. 16th
Mr. Simon POLOMKA (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Sequence Stratigraphy Of The Barrow Group, Barrow Sub-Basin.

Aug. 23rd
Mr. Abbas KHAKSAR (M.Sc. Candidate, NCPGG)
An Improvement In Lithology Interpretation From Well Logs In Sandstone Reservoirs Of The Patchawarra Formation, Toolachee Field, Cooper Basin.

Aug. 30th
Mr. Ghazi KRAISHAN (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Relative Timing Of Diagenetic Events In The Barrow Sub-Basin.

Sept. 6th
Mr. Alex KAIKO (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Thermal History Modelling In The Barrow Sub-Basin.

Sept. 13th
Mr. Peter HAVORD (M.Sc. student, NCPGG)
Underground Storage - A PandoraUs Box Of Opportunity.

Sept. 20th
Mr. David HOSKINS (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Possible Pre-Adelaidean Sedimentation In The Eastern Officer Basin, Central Australia.

Sept. 27th
Ms. Sarah RYAN-GRIGOR (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Interpretation Of Pre-Stack 3D Seismic Data In The Angel Field, Dampier Sub-Basin.

Oct. 4th
Mr. Mohammad REZAEE (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Facies Analysis Of The Tirrawarra Sandstone In The Moorari And Fly Lake Fields, Cooper Basin.

Oct. 11th
Mr. Tariq MAHMOOD (M.Sc. candidate, NCPGG)
3D Analogue Modelling Of Extensional Fault Systems With Application To The North-West Shelf, Western Australia.

Oct. 18th
Mr. Abbas KHAKSAR (M.Sc. Candidate, NCPGG)
Effect Of Decrease In Reservoir Pressure On Sonic Log Reading: An Approach To Explain Anomalously Low Log-Derived Porosity In Depleted Reservoirs Of The Toolachee Field, Cooper Basin.

Oct. 25th
Mr. Lyndon MILLER (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
To Be Announced.

Nov. 1st
Mr. Stuart SMITH (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Initial Interpretation Of Deep Seismic Data From The Canning Basin.

Nov. 8th
Mr Peter BOULT (Ph.D. candidate, University of South Australia)
Reservoir Outcrop Studies In Papua New Guinea Highlands.