Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre
Time: Tuesdays 1-2 pm
Thebarton Campus, The University of Adelaide

March 28th
Prof. Jim Applegate (NCPGG) - Welcome and introduction.
Ms. Sarah Ryan-Grigor (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Seismic delineation of structure-controlled carbonate cement and economic implications, Angel Field, North West Shelf. [Ref: Ryan-Grigor, S. and J.P. Schulz-Rojahn (1995), Jour. Austral. Petrol. Explor. Assoc., v. 35, 280-295].

March 30th
Workshop (Special Session) (J.Schulz-Rojahn, P.Tingate, T. Hayball)
Using the internet as a research tool: a practical guide to online services at the NCPGG
(closed session).

April 4th
No seminar - 1995 APEA Conference, Adelaide

April 11th
Prof. Cedric Griffiths (NCPGG)
3D forward modelling of a lower shoreface sand - Rannoch Formation, North Sea.

April 18th
Mr Chunping Ding (CRC for Sensor Signal & Information Processing)
An object-oriented approach to assessing reservoir connectivity.

May 2nd
Prof. Cedric Griffiths (NCPGG)
Keeping track of references: a student guide.

May 9th
No seminar - NCPGG Honours student field trip (Flinders Ranges)

May 16th
No seminar - NCPGG Honours student field trip (Flinders Ranges)

May 23rd
Mr Angelos Mavromatidis (University of Adelaide, Dpt. of Geology & Geophysics)
Erosion in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

May 30th
Mr Simon Polomka (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous tectonic evolution of the Barrow Sub-basin.

June 6th
Dr Peter Tingate (Research Fellow, NCPGG)
Thermal history analysis of the western Eromanga Basin using AFTA and vitrinite reflectance: implications for palaeogeography and petroleum exploration.

June 13th
Dr Nick Lemon (Senior Lecturer, NCPGG)
Gas in the Central Flinders Ranges: the Adelaide Geosyncline as a hydrocarbon province.

June 20th
Mr Neil Williams (Santos Ltd.)
Unusual lacustrine reservoirs and seals of the Murteree Horst, Eromanga Basin. [Ref.: Williams, N., and P. Theologou, 1994. SPE Conference Proceedings (Melbourne), FPE 28951, 99-112]

June 27th

July 4th
Ms. Briget Little (M.Sc. candidate, University of South Australia)
Detrital and authigenic mineralogy of the Pretty Hill Formation in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin: implications for future exploration and production. [Ref: Little, B.M., and S.E. Phillips, 1995, Jour. Austral. Petrol. Explor. Assoc., v. 35, 538-557]

July 11th
Ms. Julia Weir (Australian Mineral Foundation)
Demonstration of AESIS Database.

July 18th
Mr Michael Wiltshire (Manager, Wiltshire Geological Services)
Trends in development, application and management of digital information, and consequences to the Australian geoscience industries [cancelled].

July 25th
Mr David Hoskins (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
The effects of the Petermann Ranges and Delamerian Orogenies on the structure of the Eastern Officer Basin.

Mr Tariq Mahmood (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Two- and three-dimensional analogue modelling of extensional fault systems with applications to the North West Shelf, Western Australia. [Ref.: Lemon, N., and T. Mahmood, 1994, Jour. Austral. Petrol. Explor. Assoc., v. 34, 555-565]

Dr Richard Hillis (University of Adelaide, Dpt. of Geology & Geophysics)
Quantifying Tertiary exhumation in the United Kingdom: implications for mechanisms of basin inversion and regional uplift. [Ref. Hillis, R., 1995, AAPG Bull.,v. 79, No. 1, 130-152]

Dr Reza Moussavi-Harami (Department of Mines and Energy South Australia)
Burial history of the Eastern Officer Basin, South Australia. [Ref: Moussavi-Harami, R. and D.I. Gravestock, 1995, Jour. Austral. Petrol. Explor. Assoc., v. 35, 307-320]

Ms. Xiaowen Sun (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Cambrian peritidal carbonate environments interpreted from well and seismic data, Eastern Warburton Basin, South Australia: petroleum economic implications.

Mr Ralph Weiss (M.Sc. candidate, NCPGG)
Critical appraisal of the use of stacking velocities for depth conversion purposes in the Lake Hope 3D seismic survey area.

Dr Jorg Schulz-Rojahn (Research Fellow, NCPGG)
Differential concentration and evolution of carbon dioxide in clastic basins: relevance to diagenesis, geochemistry and deeper basin petroleum play concepts.

Mr Alex Kaiko (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Problems relating to thermal history modelling of the Barrow-Dampier Sub-basins: vitrinite suppression.

Sept. 19th
Mr Thaizong Duan (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Conditional modelling of a 2D parasequence in a shallow marine system using attributed grammar.

Mr John Jong (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Importance of cementation and dissolution as diagenetic controls on reservoir quality: Mungaroo Formation, Barrow Sub-basin.

Mr Geoff Wood (Santos Ltd.)
Palynostratigraphic applications in the Cooper Basin.

Ms. Eleanor Alexander (Department of Mines and Energy South Australia)
Geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Eringa Trough.

Mr Chris Cubitt (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Description and interpretation of the Merrimelia Formation, Interface Formation and Tirrawarra Sandstone facies in selected wells from the Cooper Basin.

Mr Anthony J. Hayball (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
The influence of the rate of sea-level rise and palaeotopography on the distribution and reservoir quality of the Mardie Greensand and its time equivalents, North West Shelf.

Mr Stuart Smith (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
A comparison of sequence boundaries observed in the Rowley and Bedout Sub-basins and an interpretation of their cause of formation.

Mr Ghazi Kraishan (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Carbonate cement stratigraphy and implications for local porosity development, Barrow Sub-basin.

Dr Jorg Schulz-Rojahn (Research Fellow, NCPGG)
Lithofacies and diagenetic controls on high-permeability occurrence in the compaction-prone Mardie Greensand within its sequence stratigraphic framework, Barrow Field [possibly closed session, subject to corporate permission].

Nov. 21st
Mr Paul Grech (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Facies analysis of the Rewan Formation, Surat Basin.

Mr Mohammad Rezaee (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Bulk isotope interpretation for multi-stage siderite cements, Tirrawarra Sandstone, Cooper Basin.

Mr Mohammad Kamali (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Unexpected molecular fossils from Early Cambrian marine carbonates of the Officer Basin, South Australia.

Mr. Abbas Khaksar (Ph.D. candidate, NCPGG)
Rock characteristics affecting compressional wave velocity.