Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre
Time: Tuesdays 1-2 pm
Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre ("The Dungeon")
Thebarton Campus, The University of Adelaide

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NB - This timetable is correct as of 22/9/98 but rescheduling may occur. Visitors are advised to confirm this timetable closer to the date of the presentation.

Contact: Chris Dyt (tel 08 8303 4297 or email cdyt@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au) or Maureen Sutton (tel 08 8303 4299 or email msutton@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au)

March 3
John Hanson
Independent Data Services
Flexibility in response to change.

March 10
No Talk
APPEA Conference

March 31
Ray Peterson
Giving a better presentation.

April 7
No Talk

April 14
Peter Boult
Boral Energy
A new model for the Hutton/Birkhead reservoir/seal couplet and the associated Birkhead-Hutton Petroleum Systems.

April 28
David Lowry
Boral Energy
A New Biogenic Gas Play in the East Coast Basin of New Zealand.

May 5
David Castillo
GeoMechanics Inernational
Advanced Technologies for Estimating the In-Situ Stress Field and Related Applications of Benefit to the Explorationist and Drilling Engineers.

May 12
No Talk
Flinders Field Trip

May 19
Yongxing Wang
Daqing Petroleum Institute. NCPGG
Heterogeneity of Fluvial-Lacustrine Deltaic Sandstone Reservoirs in the Daqing Anticline, Songliao Basin. China.

May 26
Ian Dyson
Salt Glaciers and Slumps in Neoproterozoic Successions of the Adelaide Geosyncline

June 2
Talk Cancelled

June 9
Talk Cancelled

Wednesday June 17
Xiaowen Sun
Prediction of Carbonate Reservoirs and Traps by Applying Sequence Stratigraphy in the Eastern Warburton Basin, South Australia

Wednesday June 24
Talk Cancelled

July 31
Ronald Nelson
AMOCO - AAPG International Distinguished Lecture
Modern Approaches to Exploration in Fractured Reservoirs.

August 11
Irena Kivior and David Boyd
The Univeristy of Adelaide
The Contribution of High Quality Aeromagnetic Survey Data to Hydrocarbon Exploration

August 11 Special 4:00pm lecture
Richard Kyle
The University of Texas at Austin
Salt Domes of the Gulf Coast Texas

August 18
Jim Jago
University of South Australia
Early Cambrian acritarchs, trilobites, and biostratigraphy in South Australia

August 25
Yelena Davydova
Finite difference modelling of tectonic subsidence deformation in stratigraphic sections

August 31
Wang Yongxing
NCPGG and Daqing Petroleum Institute
Image analysis of Pore Geometry and Permiability Prediction in Sandstone Reservoir

September 8
Rhodri Johns
Santos Ltd
Estimating Oil and Gas Reserves in Exploration Plays and Prospects

September 15
Johnny Hull
Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of the Albian to Recent section of the Dampier Sub-Basin

September 22
Nick Lemon
Tee-Pees, Pee-Tees and Elephant Skin, Sedimentary Structures from the Ediacaran

October 6
Gareth Cooper
Santos Ltd
Hydrocarbon Leakage on the North West Shelf, Australia: New Information frpm the Integration of Airbourne Laser Fluorosensor (ALF) and Structural Data

October 13
David Gravestock
Mines and Energy Resources, South Australia
Cooper Basin: A Permian Mire Centre

October 20
Richard Hillis
The University of Adelaide, Geology and Geophysics
In Situ Stresses and How They Impact on Petroleum Exploration and Development

November 3
No Talk
Melbourne Cup

November 6
Abbas Khaksar
Acoustic Velocities as a Function of Effective Pressure: Implications for Formation Evaluation

November 10
Evelina Paraschivoiu
The use of forward stratigraphic modelling for reservoir characterisation

December 7
NCPGG PhD student presentations A presentation of the ongoing PhD research

December 8
NCPGG Honours student presentations A presentation of the 8 honours projects completed in 1998