Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre
Time: Tuesdays 1-2 pm
Venue: NCPGG Lecture Theatre ("The Dungeon")
Thebarton Campus, The University of Adelaide

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NB - This timetable is correct as of September 24, 1999 but rescheduling may occur. Visitors are advised to confirm this timetable closer to the date of the presentation.

Contact: Dr Abbas Khaksar (tel 08 8303 3501 or email akhaksar@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au) or Maureen Sutton (tel 08 8303 4299 or email msutton@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au)

February 23
Dr Ulf Nordlund
Uppsala University, Sweden
3D Stratigraphic Modeling using approximative reasoning

March 9
Howard King
Howie King & Associates Inc.
The cuttings edge on reservoir quality, assessment and prediction

March 23
Dr Xiaowen Sun
Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy in a Palaeozoic (eastern Warburton) Basin,
South Australia - Implications for Petroleum Exploration

April 6
Dr Robert Park

Reservoir Architecture in Miocene Carbonates - Macro to Micro Scale

July 6
David Smith
StrataData Ltd, UK
Cyclostratigraphy or, have your rocks got rhythm?

July 13
Prof. Cedric M. Griffiths
Physical and numerical modelling of sedimentation in China:
TheYangtze Gorges an incised valley fill analogue?

July 27
Dr. Peter Tingate
Geological controls on overpressure in the Barrow and Dampier Sub-Basins

August 3
Dr. Xiaowen Sun
Fracture system in Cooper Basin basement

August 10
Dr. Peter Boult
Boral Energy
Capillary pressure curves from CMR tool

August 24
Prof. Roy White
University of London
Fluid substitution: comparison of the Gassmann and a model-based approach

August 31
Dr. Irena Kivior
Archimedes Consultants
New approach to interpretation of aeromagnetic surveys for hydrocarbon exploration

September 7
Johnny Hull
PhD candidate NCPGG
Collision of Australia & SE Asia in the Miocene and its effect on Cenozoic stratal architecture

September 7
Mr. Even Vickory
Mintor Elisson
Petroleum and Native Title

September 21
Dr. Ghazi Kraishan
Reservoir Heterogeneity

September 28
Dr. Simon Lang
Results of high resolution seismic profiling in Morten Bay, continental self South East Queensland

October 5
Rosalie Pollok
PhD candidate NCPGG
Sequence stratigraphy of Gambier Basin, South Australia

October 12
Prof. Michel Rocheleau
Univ. Laval Canada
Sedimentology in the Archean Abitibi belt, Quebec, Canada: its role in the understanding of basin evolution

October 19
Dr. Abbas Khaksar
Effective stress coefficients for wave velocity and attenuation in sandstones, example from Cooper Basin

October 26
Evelina Paraschivoiu
PhD candidate NCPGG
Effect of scale on forward stratigraphic models

November 9, Tuesday, 1-00pm
Dr. Chris Dyt
Postdoctoral fellow, NCPGG and
Ms Evelina Paraschivoiu
Phd candidate, NCPGG
What Mathematicians do and How Geologists Use it

November 23
Ainslie Baxter
PhD candidate NCPGG
Testing the sensitivity of viscoelastic flexural modelling in the prediction of accommodation space generation
- a case study from the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

Dr. Richard Jones
Fault sealing, the importance of damage zone characterisation

Hamish Young
PhD candidate NCPGG
Albian to Resent stratigraphic evolution of the Barrow Sub-Basin, NW Shelf

Tom Kivior
PhD candidate NCPGG
Seals & fault seals of the Vulcan Sub-Basin, NW Shelf