Dr Adrian White

Telephone:    +61 8 8303 4293
Facsimile:      +61 8 8303 4345
E-mail: awhite@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au

Adrian graduated from the University of Durham with Geology Honours in July 1998. His Ph.D. (completed December 2001 under the watchful gaze of Dick Swarbrick at Durham) was concerned with minimum in-situ stress prediction, using leak-off test data, and the effects of overpressure on stress. The work formed part of the GEOPOP (GEOsciences Project into OverPressure) research project involving Durham, Newcastle and Herriot-Watt Universities. Adrian commenced work as a postdoc at the NCPGG in September 2002 interpreting stress data from the Australian Northwest Shelf. Research interests include in-situ stress determination, fault reactivation and the effects of overpressure on stress.