Andy Mitchell

Principal Petroleum Geophysicist/Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +61 8 8303 4294
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4345

After graduating with a B.Sc.(Hons), Andy worked for seven and a half years as a petroleum geophysicist with Esso Australia Ltd., mainly in seismic interpretation, production geology and computer applications. He is now coordinator for the NCPGG curriculum and teaches NCPGG courses in processing and interpretation of seismic data. Andy is also NCPGG Postgraduate Coordinator, and the staff member responsible for computer hardware and applications. His research interests centre on the use of reflection seismic data for detailed studies, such as for stratigraphic and/or development projects, and include: Selected publications:

Pinchin, J. and Mitchell, A. B. 1991 - Seismic AVO Analysis of a Permian gas sand at Kerna Field, Cooper Basin, S. A. Exploration Geophysics, 22(2), p. 305-308. Oral presentation at ASEG Conference, Sydney, 1990.

Khaksar, A. and Mitchell, A.B. 1995 - An improvement in lithology interpretation from well logs in the Patchawarra Formation, Toolachee Field, Cooper Basin, South Australia. Exploration Geophysics, 26, p. 347-353.

Khaksar, A., Mitchell, A.B. and Griffiths, C.M., 1999 - Use of core and logs in investigating the feasibility of time-lapse seismic. Geological Applications of Wireline Logs III, Geological Society. Oral presentation at GAWL III Conference, London, 1999.