Dr Peter Tingate

Lecturer in Basin Modelling and Diagenesis

Telephone: +61 8 8303 4296
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4345
E-mail: ptingate@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au

Peter Tingate joined the NCPGG in 1990, coming from the University of Melbourne where he completed his PhD on the thermal history of the Amadeus Basin in central Australia. During his PhD studies, Peter worked for Geotrack International, producing thermal history data relating to oil exploration. Since arriving at the NCPGG, he has worked on sedimentological and diagenetic influences on reservoir quality in the Cooper, Bass, Otway, Eromanga, Amadeus and McArthur basins and NW Shelf. He has also conducted thermal history modelling in the Carnarvon, Roebuck, Bass, Cooper, Eromanga, Officer, Amadeus, Stansbury and Pedirka Basins.

He is currently working on the southern margin of Australia and an APCRC illite dating study in the Cooper Basin. His main research interests include diagenetic controls on reservoir quality, basin thermal history, petroleum generation, apatite fission track dating and stable isotopes. Other interests include regional tectonics, geochronology and meteorite impacts.


Selected publications:

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