Dr Scott Mildren

Postdoctoral Fellow

Petroleum Geomechanics

Telephone: +61 8 8303 4308
Facsimile:   +61 8 8303 4345
E-mail:  smildren@ncpgg.adelaide.edu.au

Scott completed his PhD on 'The Contemporary Stress Field of the Northern Australian Margin and Collision-Related Tectonism' at the University of Adelaide in 1997 and took up a position as structural geologist with Z&S (Asia) Ltd. (now Baker Atlas Geoscience). At Z&S he interpreted resistivity and acoustic image data with application to insitu stresses and fracture characterisation.

Since joining the NCPGG in 1999, Scott has worked on several research and contract research projects. Highlights include: searching for 'structural sweetspots' in the tight gas reservoirs of the Nappamerri Trough, Cooper Basin and determining the in situ stress field and neotectonics of Brunei. Currently, Scott is involved in creating software to assess the risk of fault reactivation and seal failure of structural traps as part of the APCRC Caprocks and Fault Seals Program. Other interests include various petroleum applications of in situ stress such as wellbore stability, rock strength determination and interpretation of stress induced features from image logs.

He is a member of ASEG, SPE, PESA and AAPG.

Selected Publications

Hillis, R.R., Mildren, S.D. and Meyer, J.J, Borehole Geomechanics in Petroleum Exploration and Development: From Controlling Wellbore Stability to Predicting Fault Seal Integrity, Preview, Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, No 89, pp 31-34, 2000.

Jones, R.M., Boult, P., Hillis, R.R., Mildren, S.D. and Kaldi, J., Integrated Hydrocarbon Seal Evaluation in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin, APPEA Journal, pp194-212, 2000.

Mildren, S.D. and Hillis, R.R., In Situ Stresses in the southern Bonaparte Basin Australia: Implications for First- and Second-Order Controls on Stress Orientation, Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 27, No 20, pp 3413-3416, 2000.

Hillis, R.R., Mildren, S.D., Pigram, C.J. and Willoughby, D.R., Horizontal Stress Orientation in the Australian North West Continental Shelf:  Stress Rotation Associated With a Convergent Plate Boundary, Tectonics, Vol. 16, No. 2, April, pp 323-335, 1997.

Mildren, S.D. and Sandiford, M., Heat refraction and low-pressure metamorphism in the northern Flinders Rangers, South Australia, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 42, pp 241-247.

Mildren, S.D., Hillis, R.R., Fett, T. and Robinson, P.H.,  Contemporary stresses in the Timor Sea from breakout and fracture analysis of formation microscanner data: implications for fault trap integrity, in: Purcell, P.G. and R.R. (Eds.), The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia: Proceedings of Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Symposium, pp 291-300, 1994.