Lotte Svendsen

MSc Student

Telephone: +61 8 8303 4594
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4345

MSc Project:

Hydrocarbon Sealing Potential of the Aptian-Albian Eumeralla Formation in the Otway Basin, South Australia and Victoria.

Commenced: 2002

Supervisors: Dr John Kaldi

Project support: APCRC - Seals Program

Scholarship support: The University of Adelaide - Seals Program

This project is part of the APCRC multi-disciplinary program Evaluating the Hydrocarbon Sealing Potential of Faults and Cap Rocks. The main objective of this study is to map the Early Cretaceous Eumeralla Formation throughout the Otway Basin for an evaluation of its regional top seal potential.

Seal potential combines seal geometry, seal capacity and seal integrity. Seal geometry, comprising seal thickness and areal extent, will be determined from logs and seismic interpretation. Sequence stratigraphic principles will be applied and depositional models will be developed to help provide an understanding of lateral and vertical variations in sealing and reservoir lithologies. Seal capacity, the hydrocarbon column height potential of a seal, will be determined using mercury injection capillary pressure calculations. Seal integrity, the seal rock property that is negated by the development of structural permeability, can be qualitatively assessed using core analysis and sidewall core petrographic analysis combined with a stress field and rock strength evaluation. A quantitative assessment of the risk of brittle failure within the top seal will be developed using geomechanical methodologies.

Uncertainties persist regarding the distribution and stratigraphy of the Eumeralla Formation, especially offshore where the seismic coverage is sparse. If the Eumeralla Formation proves a viable seal, it has the potential to open up new plays in the Otway Basin at depths presently accessible for drilling.


Lotte Svendsen graduated from University of Bergen, Norway in 1999 with a Cand. Mag majoring in geology. She did part of her degree as an international exchange student at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Her main topics of interest included basin analysis, sedimentology, palaeoclimatology, quaternary/glacial geology and sequence stratigraphy. Lotte commenced a MSc project on hydrocarbon seal evaluation at the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics in 2002.