Trevor Dhu

PhD Student


PhD Project:

Magnetic Petrophysics: The Use of Fractal Dimension for Textural Based Enhancement of Aeromagnetic Data.

Commenced: 1997

Supervisors: Prof Richard Hillis, Dr Mike Dentith (University of Western Australia)

Project support: ASEG Research Foundation

Scholarship support: Australian Postgraduate Award

Airborne magnetic data are one of the most commonly used geophysical tools for mineral exploration, and are beginning to have an increased role within the field of petroleum exploration. Once these data are acquired, it is standard procedure to produce a series of enhanced images, such as horizontal or vertical derivatives, to aid in the interpretation of the data. These enhancements are based on tone or amplitude features, with the textural component of the data tending to only be used in a subjective manner by the interpreter.

This research is investigating the use of fractal dimension as a measure of texture that can be used to enhance aeromagnetic data. Research is being carried out into which of the numerous techniques for estimating fractal dimension is most suited to aeromagnetic data. As well as this, work is being done to determine what styles of magnetic data are most responsive to this style of textural enhancement.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2001